Case Study

Colorado Rockies AR


The Colorado Rockies, in collaboration with August Allen AR, aimed to revolutionize fan engagement by introducing an Augmented Reality (AR) experience featuring their beloved mascot. The objective was to create an immersive AR environment within the Colorado Rockies Web AR experience, enhancing fan excitement and interaction during games. The primary goal was to provide fans with an interactive platform to test their skills in pitching and batting, challenging their precision and timing while facing the mascot.


August Allen AR harnessed state-of-the-art AR technology to bring the Colorado Rockies mascot to life within the Colorado Rockies AR web app. The team designed a dynamic AR experience where fans can find the mascot roaming around the virtual stadium or park. Users can engage in friendly competitions, testing their pitching accuracy and batting skills against the mascot. The app provides real-time feedback, allowing fans to refine their techniques and achieve personal bests in the pitching and batting challenges.


The Colorado Rockies AR web app, powered by August Allen AR, successfully transformed fan engagement during games and events. Fans experienced an unprecedented level of excitement as they interacted with the mascot in real-time AR. Since the launch, the app has garnered immense popularity, with fans actively participating in the pitching and batting challenges. The app’s user-friendly interface and captivating AR interactions have made it a favorite among Rockies fans, enhancing their overall game-day experience.

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