Case Study

Jones Soda


Jones Soda recognized the need to revolutionize the soda industry by embracing cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology integrated into their soda labels. Their primary goal was to enhance customer engagement and create a unique experience by allowing users to scan their soda labels and enjoy personalized video content directly from the web, all without the need for any additional app downloads.

To achieve this vision, Jones Soda aimed to develop a dynamic web-based dashboard that would empower them to edit each soda label and assign custom videos effortlessly, giving them full control over the personalization process. This approach ensured that both the final product and the dashboard could be seamlessly accessed and utilized from the web.


Understanding the potential of WebAR for the soda industry, Jones Soda embarked on a mission to deliver exceptional, visually captivating, and easily accessible experiences to their customers. They sought a scalable solution that would enable them to create augmented reality content seamlessly. After careful consideration, Jones Soda opted for August Allen’s Augmented Reality WebAR solution to bring immersive experiences to their soda labels.


The partnership between Jones Soda and August Allen’s WebAR solution ushered in a new era of soda label interactivity. Customers were delighted to scan their soda labels and access engaging video content directly from the web, leading to a surge in user engagement.

Since the launch of the Jones Soda AR experience, there have been over 20,000 label scans and interactions, marking a significant achievement in the soda industry’s quest for innovation. Check it out for yourself and experience the future of soda labels!