Case Study



UCHealth has identified the need to engage with patients through innovative Augmented Reality technology embedded in their app. One of their key initiatives for these
experiences was to improve mood while decreasing stress and anxiety, allowing users to engage with 30 content and learn about medical conditions and health advice.

To enable patients to interact with immersive AR focused on health, the client needed to build custom experiences that would be visually appealing, quickly generated,
and easily navigated.


Having recognized the value of leveraging WebAR, the client knew that developing a series of experiences had massive potential for the health system. UCHealth wanted to use immersive, feel-good content to help users quickly visualize and benefit from the experience.

UCHealth needed a scalable solution for creating augmented reality content that incorporated these key features. So, the client chose August Allen’s Augmented Reality WebAR solution to create immersive experiences within the UCHealth app.

The first UCHealth experience enabled app users to interact with and name 3D dogs. They can feed the dogs treats, throw a ball, or ask the dogs to follow simple commands.


Scalable WebAR solutions from August Allen and UCHealth allowed patients to interact with easily consumable 3D content. The comprehensive, immersive, and enjoyable experience provides app users with a new perspective on interactive health-related content.

Since the UCHealth experience went live in October, there have been over 9,000 user interactions. Check it out!

Check it out!